I started my journey on UX and Product Design in 2000 with Linux and the Crystal Project. Later, I founded a very successful design studio called Yellowicon.

At "The Yellow", I had the opportunity of creating products with and for amazing companies like Symantec, Google, AOL, Apple, Mozilla, Novel, AT&T, O2, Yahoo, Winzip and Opera, just to spot a few of them.

I joined Apple in late 2009, lucky enough to start working when Steve was still there. I was one of the lead designers on the iCloud team and I worked on some of the apps you and me use everyday. 

I'm very proud of the experience I have as director of product and user experience at Movile, the company I joined in 2013. With my UX and Product Design team I created some top market apps in LATAM such as iFood, PlayKids and some other very successful products.
Recently, I left 99App (now Didi Chuxing) where I served as as director of product and experience for a short period of time, for investing on personal projects. 



Besides design, Photography is my biggest passion. 
I started taking pictures when I was living in Cupertino and working at Apple. Initially I had a very simple goal. I wanted to share with my family back in Brazil the experiences and the places I was getting to know in the United States. 

As my skills improved and I started earning some income from my photography, I decided to invest in better equipment and travel a bit further afield.


The Yellowicon

Quality experience design any screen anywhere.
We are a team of high skilled multidisciplinary professionals crazy for interaction / experience design and stunning artwork. This passion has led us since 2001 to offer our clients a highly effective, enthusiastic and responsive service. 

Our creative expertise is composed not only of beautiful and innovative ideas, but is also solidly based on a whole a spectrum of disciplines. Semiotics, Psychology, Branding, Communication Science, Social Media, Software Development, Usability and Interaction Design, just to spot a few, are always on the roll. 

Great digital design is rooted in empathy - understanding the user, who he or she is and what are his or her needs and expectations from a particular product. We comprehend that, and strive to capture each detail of our clients' requirements and objectives, in order to produce engaging and effective design.

Our goal? A design experience that is highly consistent and vivid. Design based on great ideas, capable to fullfill even greater ideals. Design that simply inspires life. That simply works.